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Viking AIS Monocular

High power yet compact and lightweight monocular with image stabilising technology The new AIS offers top quality glass combined with Image Stabilisation technology. With the power of a full size binocular with an ultra-stable image the AIS is perfect for any activity, from birdwatching to watching sports. The ultra compact size of the AIS makes it the perfect companion for travelling without having to compromise on quality.

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Viking Scout Image Stabilised Binoculars

The latest in image stabilised technology from our long time Japanese partners.

Binocular magnifications over 10x are very difficult to hold still enough for comfortable viewing.

Now try the new SCOUT.  The unstabilised image is virtually impossible to follow, but with a flick of the switch, the view is completely transformed.  Even if you are on a moving vehicle or a boat, the image is remarkably stable, allowing you to view for longer periods without straining your eyes.  The image stabilising facility is backed up by a top quality optical system with multicoated lenses and phase corrected prisms.  Altogether a remarkable instrument at an affordable price.


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